How support helps!

It’s encouraging to see that even in these strange and sometimes heartbreaking times, people are still taking climate action. Thanks for this continued support and for positively impacting the planet and its people!

So far in 2020, our growing climate community has offset 107,000 tonnes of CO2 through our website – equivalent to providing more than 18,000 American homes with electricity for one year. This support translates to nearly $16 million US dollars in shared value for local communities, from financial savings to job opportunities to better health.

To learn more about the impact Gold Standard certified projects deliver, you can visit our website.

How your support helps to maintain
and expand projects

Betulia Hydroelectric Project in Honduras

This small run-of-river hydroelectric power plant provides clean and affordable energy to the national grid, displacing the need for traditional fossil fueled power plants.

At a time when many countries are suffering from climate change – Honduras is currently recording temperatures above 50°C – money generated from the sale of carbon credits enables the introduction of zero emission energy systems, providing:

  • Up to 23,000 MWh of clean and affordable energy to the local electricity grid each year
  • 12 jobs of which 8 employees are hired locally

This project says it’s also used the proceeds from carbon credit sales to provide $40,000 in financial aid and contributions to local infrastructure and schools, and has worked with the community to plant 6,000 mahogany trees to help protect the local forests.

Qori Q’oncha – Improved Cookstoves diffusion
programme in Peru

As the first Programme ever to be certified to Gold Standard, Qori Q’oncha is a pioneer initiative that was developed based on a socio-anthropological study in the Andes. This study highlighted the importance of improved cookstoves for rural families, leading to strong and diverse positive impacts, such as better health and education, gender equality, access to clean water, and food security, as well as the necessity to ensure the sustainability of the project through carbon revenues.

Twelve years after the installation of its first cookstove, Qori Q’oncha keeps on supporting vulnerable communities’ thanks to your support.

  • Benefitted over 400,000 people to date
  • Nearly 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided
  • 100% of the beneficiaries confirm that respiratory diseases, burns, backaches and coughing occur less often or not at all
  • Each improved cookstove saves an average of 4.5kg of wood per day, reducing wood consumption by 40%
  • 12 permanent jobs created

New offsetting guide published 

If you’d like to learn more about carbon offsetting, why it’s so urgently needed, and the positive difference you can make by taking climate action, check out our new interactive guide. And don’t be shy – share it with friends and amplify your impact!



Making climate action simpler

We’re excited to inform you of some upgrades to our systems. Now any credits purchased through the Gold Standard website are transparently retired (taken out of circulation) in the Gold Standard Impact Registry within minutes of completing a purchase. You also instantly receive a certificate documenting your purchase with links to the relevant retirements in the Registry. These updates provide a quick, easy way to trace your offset purchase and retirement.

We are also working to add credit card payment options and to allow users to buy credits on behalf of their business or as a gift for family or friends.

We are always trying to improve, so if you had any problems when making an order or have any suggestions to enhance the process, please let us know.

Supporting the cause


We are thrilled to announce our first global ambassador Jeremy Jauncey – founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations and also an ambassador for our parent organisation WWF.

Jeremy believes in travel as a force for good. That’s why he advocates for more sustainable travel – as for many of us, business and personal travel represents the largest part of our carbon footprint. Flying has a disproportionate climate impact, and the aviation industry is one of the most challenging to decarbonise. This means it’s more important than ever for each of us to take responsibility for our own impact.


Offset your summer travel 

If you’ve managed to take a break this summer and would like to take responsibility for the climate impact of your travel, you can support a range of climate protection projects, from community-based energy access activities to innovative renewable energy installations, all across the globe.



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