Dit Gold Standard project verbetert de levens van inheemse bevolking

This Gold Standard project improves native people’s lives

Right on the job, Betulia’s small hydropower project with social reforestation programs, nature conservation, improvement of local infrastructure and jobs creation, is reforming native people’s lives in Honduras.

This run-of-river hydroelectric generating power plant is providing clean and affordable energy to the national grid (displacing traditional fossil fueled power plants) and improves the native people’s lives.
Money generated from the sale of carbon credits have enabled the project to introduce zero emissions energy system technology that has the following sustainable benefits within the communities in which the project technologies are applied.

  • Up to 23,000 MWh of clean and affordable energy provided to the local electricity grid each year
  • Protection of local environment (Flora and Fauna)
  • 12 jobs have been created of which 8 employees have been hired locally from the region to operate and maintain the plant
  • Financial aid and contributions are provided, improving the human and institutional capacity in local communities in the region (for local infrastructure such as improved bridges + roads) and schools
  • The community assisted in reforestation of land area with 6,000 mahogany plants and 5,000 more plants were in the nursery development process until 2018.
Steun dit Project!

With an estimated 90% of the world’s population breathing polluted air, shifting to renewables is increasingly important.

While some technologies like solar and wind have become mainstream in many markets, barriers remain in some parts of the world – often those most affected by a changing climate.

To ensure finance and change reach those countries that need it most, Gold Standard focuses new project development for grid-connected renewable energy in least developed countries, small island developing states, conflict zones, and those countries facing unusual challenges to modernize their energy supply.

To find out more: https://lnkd.in/ds3bZMZ

To support Gold Standard certified RE projects: https://lnkd.in/ddRjtzG


Source: LinkedIn 7 september 2020

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