Ukraine’s social and economic complexity: is food the argument for Poetin’s war?

Kiev was here long before Moscow. Moscow (= Poetin) doesn’t have the right to conquer Kiev. Or it must be because Moscow sees this deemed necessary for survival, for now and in the future: picking the fruit from Europe who has organised economy much more efficient, food production and people’s well-being are Poetin’s main drivers to survive global climate change (extremes in weather that could mean food shortages). This theory means Moscow isn’t stopping to conquer lands westwards after Ukraine if not parts of Europe as part of the organised European Union haven’t been taken over.

The author of this opinion has been working in Ukraine since 2006 and he thought to know a lot about her history, He admitted Ukraine’s social and economic complexity already, yet hopes scientific research from various global scientific sources could open his eyes about the “crazy old man,” how a friend in Kiev calls him. author’s opinion is formed after reading this global scientific source, Kyiv’s ancient normality (redux) – by Timothy Snyder, peer-reviewed after the invasion within his network, and having viewed .

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